Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Want an easy and cheap way to get super shiny soft hair?


Yes my lovelies,
Olive oil is a great, easy way to make your hair super shiny and soft! There are so many wonderful benefits in olive oil, one of them is it's moisturizing qualities. Used on hair, olive oil can condition, nourish, and improve the strength of your hair. I like to do an olive oil treatment about once a week. Here is my little treatment recipe!

What you will need:

~1/2 cup Extra virgin olive oil in a microwave safe cup or bowl

~ Small Comb

~ Shower cap

~ Clarify Shampoo

What you do:

~ Heat the EVOO for 1 minute in the microwave. (*Do not touch!!! It will be extremely hot!!)

~ Part your hair right down the middle into two large sections. (Make sure your hair is brushed and has no tangles.)

~ Dip your comb into the EVOO and then start to comb through your hair.

~ Once your hair is thoroughly saturated, twist hair up and put it in a shower cap.

~ Leave EVOO on for 15-20 minutes (Do a facial mask while you wait!)

~ After 15-20 minutes, step into a very hot shower (with the cap still on) and steam your hair for 5 minutes.

~ After 5 minutes, wash your hair (thoroughly!!) with the clarifying shampoo. If you hair still feels greasy, repeat!

And you're done! Now you have super healthy, gorgeous hair!
Here are some pics of my EVOO Treatment I did earlier tonight. :)

Not my most glamorous moment hee-hee...

And here is my beautiful hair! Look how shiny!

I hoped you found my little trick helpful and informative. Please let me know how it works for you!

Xoxo my gorgeous ones!

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