Thursday, June 23, 2011

Something you may not know

Hey lovelies,

I wanted to write a little bit about something that has been on my mind, please forgive if I ramble.

As a makeup artist, my business is extremely visual. People naturally want to look their best and they want to make sure I can make them look their best. The way they find out is by looking at pictures of my past work. Future clients like to see all the different looks you have created and applied, even if it's not what they may need for that specific occasion. They want to know that they can trust you, that you will do a good job (make that great job), and that they will get their money's worth. Pictures to a makeup artist are priceless! It's a big part of how we make our livelihood.

I love new clients! Don't get me wrong I love the existing ones too, but I love welcoming another pretty face into my family. And that's how I view the people that I work with. I treat them how I would treat my family or a best friend. I care about them and I want to give them exactly what they want so they look beautiful and feel good about themselves. I bend over backwards and do whatever I can to ensure my client is happy. I offer my services at extremely discounted rates so people that may not normally get to have a makeup artist at their wedding, prom, or whatever can have that little luxury. It is important to me to reach out, because I want everyone to feel beautiful.

After I finish a client's makeup I always ask for pictures. Yes I can take pictures with my rinky-deenk little camera, but it just doesn't compare to professional photos that are normally taken at special events or photo shoots. Having great shots of a client is like gold to me! It helps me be able to market myself that much more. Makeup is my only source of income and I work extremely hard to make a living. When I first started out I thought "People are going to be throwing pictures of my work at me!" Everyone wants to be a little famous right? Even if it's just on my website lol! I just never thought in a million years that it would be like pulling teeth to get a few photos.

The last four (yes four!) clients I have worked with have yet to send me pictures. Even when I write it down it stings. I just feel really hurt by it honestly. Now I'm not irrational, these people don't owe me anything. They paid me and as far anyone is concerned that's all they needed to do. It's just you become friendly with them, develop a connection, and as you're leaving they promise you that they will send you pictures as soon as they get them! Then a week goes by, you email them to follow up, no response. Another week goes by, you send another message, same thing. Finally you call, no answer, you leave a voicemail, you never hear back. It almost feels like betrayal.

The sad part is I know they are just busy. Life is crazy and it never slows down, sending pictures to your makeup artist falls on the back burner. I guess I was raised that you always follow through on your promises. That lesson is so important especially in business! I know these people aren't ignoring me out of spite or mean spirit-ness, they just have more important things happening. It just stinks that this could affect my business and income. Four people means potentially twelve new pictures for my portfolio. Those pictures could be seen by other potential clients and in turn garner me more business. I just wish it didn't work like that sometimes.

I don't mean to whine, my problems are so small compared to other people's hardships. I just wanted to share this story with you just in case you are ever in a position where you need to send someone something for their business. It does make a difference and they will be grateful.

Always keep your word!
Sweet dreams my lovelies,

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