Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Beauty Icons

Hi Everyone,

Thanks for reading the very first post of my new blog! I hope you enjoy it and that I'm not too all over the place... :)

So what is Beauty Icon? What does that mean? Well an icon is something or someone who represents something. So a beauty icon is someone who represents beauty in it's truest form. Everyone views beauty differently. What one person may consider beautiful may not be what the person next to them considers beautiful. It's completely subjective in my opinion.

"Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and it may be necessary from time to time to give a stupid or misinformed beholder a black eye." - Miss Piggy

To me, a beauty icon is someone who is the epitome of glamour, beauty, and brains.

Here is a little (HA!) list of my Beauty Icons.

Catherine Zeta Jones
She is my absolute, my everything!
I have worshipped her since I was 14 years old and still make all my beauty decisions by asking WWCZJD?
(Figure it out!)

Elizabeth Taylor
This is a Beauty Icon at it's best. She overcame so much and refused to be anything but herself. She did it all on her own terms (even being late to her own funeral) and she did it with style! Her lady balls must have been huge! One of the last true movie stars.

Tina Fey
It's pretty obvious right? The girl has it all!
Brains, beauty, talent coming out of her ass, and she has one the best TV shows on today!
Her book "Bossypants" is a revelation. Even some psycho slashing her in the face when she was little couldn't stop her from pushing the envelope and being an unexpected sex symbol!

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge
(A.K.A. Kate Middleton)
A list about beauty icons cannot be complete without this new member of the royal family.
For nearly a decade the Brits (and some forward thinking Americans) have watched this budding style maven for trends on being effortlessly chic. She stunned us at her April wedding this year in the most iconic dress since her late mother-in-law's in 1981(and she did her own makeup! Go girl!). She has done this all with style, poise, and sensibility (she often wears off-the-rack pieces and dress that are several seasons old! OH the horror!). She is truly the new people's princess!

Katy Perry
Sunshine, lollipops, and sexual innuendos describe my next icon. Since bursting onto the music scene in '08, Katy Perry has redefined what beauty truly is. Gone were the days of the scantily clad, size zero, baby prostitute blondes. Here came a breath of fresh air in the brunette, kitschy, busty lady with her bubblegum pop songs that infected you like herpes! I'm actually going to see her in concert next month YAY!

I don't think anyone can call Cher a classic beauty. She isn't! That's what I love about her. Yes she may have had so much plastic surgery that her belly button is on her forehead. Yes she may wear the fashions of demented flamenco dancer/hula girl/drag queen (holla!). Yes she may spend her days being rubbed down with moroccan oil by well hung puerto rican boys working their way through the school of dance. And you know what? She doesn't give a damn! Go on girl, werk!

Emma Stone
How can you not love this face! Thank God or whoever you pray to that among the mileys, lindsays, and those other drunk sluts I don't care about that there is a girl like Emma Stone. This is who girls should aspire to be! She's a real girl. She doesn't have the Chinese symbol for dumpster tattooed on her lower back, she doesn't walk around looking like a reject from The Beverly Hillbillies , and she's a comedic genius! Mama's pray that your babies grow up to be Emma Stone.

Rosie Pope
Reality TV is such a craze these days that I felt I should include one reality starlet. Rosie Pope is dancer/model turned maternity designer and concierge turned Bravo Star. Her show "Pregnant in Heels" just finished it's first (of many hopefully) season. I love Rosie Pope because she is a real woman. She doesn't wear a ton of makeup or have a fancy hair style. She is simply herself, only enhanced. Like another Brit on this list (Kate), she is effortlessly chic and takes subtle fashion risks that just endear her to me more! Real beauty comes from the inside and exudes out. Look at her glowing face! Just lovely.

And finally, the one who started it all for me...

Miss Piggy
What words do I have to describe this incredible, stunning, fabulous creature? They would most assuredly fail to make you see what an Icon she is! So I will let her do the talking with my favorite Miss Piggy Beauty tips!

"For the glamorous look, choose plain-looking dining companions."

"Stand as far away as you can from your mirror and look at yourself through the wrong end of a pair of opera glasses. Do you stand out?"

"Having a dull hairstyle is like putting an olive on top of a chocolate sundae. It makes your whole appearance unappetizing."

"Beauty isn't being able to shop in fancy stores where you have to empty your wallet to buy something in a bottle the size of a gumdrop."

And finally...
"Never purchase beauty products in a hardware store."

Well that's my list haha! It's definitely not typical, but it definitely explains my beauty style!
Who are some of your beauty icons?

Remember to stay fabulous gorgeous ones!
xxxoooxxxooo, Lacey!

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