Thursday, June 30, 2011

Don't Turn Out The Lights! (...nkotbsb...NKOTBSB!)

Hi all my lovely readers!

What a week I've been having! The good news is I really feel accepted into this "Beauty Guru" community with open arms. I'm so happy people have liked my tutorial and I can't wait to make more! The complete joy I feel being able to communicate with people with same passion as me is invigorating and really makes me want to carry on and do so much more! The bad news is I have been going through some conflict in my personal life with some of my friends. I hate conflict, period. It's really sad to me that friends can't be kind to each other or even be understanding. It breaks my heart to be on bad terms with people I really consider a part of family, but sometimes standing up for yourself or others is the hardest thing you have to do. But all the kind words from you and the support of my awesome family have helped me through. I'm still hurting, but time heals all wounds.

I wanted to share with you all my awesome evening Tuesday night. When I woke up that morning I really didn't think anything exciting would happen. I woke up, had coffee, and spent some time with my mom (who is on vacation from work) watching those silly makeover shows. Just about then I get a text from my best friend Jamie. She had an extra ticket to a concert that night and really needed someone to go with her. Who's concert was it you ask? I'll tell you in a second, first a little backstory on mine and Jamie's relationship.

Jamie is one of my very best friends and my former roommate when we were all going to school. I met her through her then boyfriend and it wasn't until they broke up that we became really close. We both were kind of in need of each other because we both were a little lonely. She was going through a break up and I was still really new to town and hadn't met a lot of people. We started hanging out basically a few days after her breakup and have kind of been besties ever since (we even joke that we're married, we call each other wifey lol)! She is great person! She's hilarious and probably the most organized person I've ever met! I love her bunches and bunches!

Okay now back to the concert story. The concert she had an extra ticket for was the NKOTBSB reunion concert! Now if you're thinking "NKOTBSB...WTH? " Let me explain. It's a combination of New Kids on the Block and Backstreeet Boys. Yes you heard right, TWO BOY BANDS in ONE CONCERT! At first I thought it would be fun. I don't go to a lot of concerts and I love '90's pop! Except back in my day, I was a NSYNC girl and you didn't cross enemy lines over to backstreet (well you did, you just didn't tell anyone). I had never heard anything from New Kids, but I thought they're the original so I'll probably like them. I was only worried that I wouldn't know any songs and I would be lost through out the evening. Boy I was wrong haha!

Not only did I know 95% of Backstreet Boys material, but I also new about three song from New Kids! The concert was an absolute blast! What was even better was that Jamie's mom went too and she was about the biggest BSB fan there! She knew all the songs and we did a couple duets and trio sing-a-longs while we were waiting for the concert to start. It felt really good to be singing all these songs that reminded me of my teenage years. I remember funny things that happened, places I went, people I met and friends I lost. Your teen years are a hard time, but you always go back to the best times when those old familiar songs start to play.

Oh and I also did special concert makeup (I should probably mention makeup right?)! I used my Urban Decay Ammo palette and did this really beautiful blue smoky eye with some gold tints! I really wanted to post the pictures, but for some reason they won't upload. I will post them on my facebook page ( and then you can have a look! I used a combination of Shattered (shimmery blue), Maui Wowie (shimmery light gold), and Oil Slick (shimmery black).

Here are a few of my favorite pictures from the concert!

I wish I could post more, but for some reason my pictures aren't compatible with my blog. Hmmm....

Well thanks once again for all the kind words. I really hope that you all enjoy my blog and it brings a little sunshine to your day. Please stay tuned for more videos and new (makeup related lol!) blogs!

Remember to stay fabulous!!
xoxo Lacey

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Products used in first makeup tutorial!

Hey Gorgeous ones!

Aggh I'm so excited! I have finally posted my very first makeup tutorial on YouTube (with a lot of help from my wonderful boyfriend, thanks babe!) ! It's very basic and not the best quality, but I worked very hard so I'm proud of it! I'm sure once I get the hang of all this new fangled technology :) they will look better.

If you watched my video and want to know about the products I used, here is a full list.

In order of use:

- Too Faced Cosmetics Primed & Poreless Primer with a Bronze Tint & SPF 20

- Makeup Forever HD Foundation in shade 120

- Makeup Forever Concealer Palette in No. 1 (Combination of the first three shades)

- MAC Studio Careblend Pressed Powder in shade Medium

- Makeup Forever Waterproof Eyebrow Corrector in Shade 02 Light Brown

- Rimmel Glam Eyes Quad in 021 State of Grace

- Rimmel Glam Eyes Quad in 001 Smoky Noir

- Makeup Forever Aqua Eye Liner in Matte Black

- Rimmel Max Volume Flash Waterproof Mascara in Black

- Makeup Forever Sculpting Kit

- NARS Blush in Orgasm

- Makeup Forever Aqua Lip Liner in 3C Medium Neutral Beige

- Makeup Forever Lipstick Palette in No. 10 Peach

I hope you have fun with this. And remember you can always find a similar shade in your favorite makeup brand if you'd like, I just happen to love Makeup Forever. :)

I'm really going to try and do a better video this week sometime, so stay tuned for more!

Later Lovelies,
xoxo Lacey

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Something you may not know

Hey lovelies,

I wanted to write a little bit about something that has been on my mind, please forgive if I ramble.

As a makeup artist, my business is extremely visual. People naturally want to look their best and they want to make sure I can make them look their best. The way they find out is by looking at pictures of my past work. Future clients like to see all the different looks you have created and applied, even if it's not what they may need for that specific occasion. They want to know that they can trust you, that you will do a good job (make that great job), and that they will get their money's worth. Pictures to a makeup artist are priceless! It's a big part of how we make our livelihood.

I love new clients! Don't get me wrong I love the existing ones too, but I love welcoming another pretty face into my family. And that's how I view the people that I work with. I treat them how I would treat my family or a best friend. I care about them and I want to give them exactly what they want so they look beautiful and feel good about themselves. I bend over backwards and do whatever I can to ensure my client is happy. I offer my services at extremely discounted rates so people that may not normally get to have a makeup artist at their wedding, prom, or whatever can have that little luxury. It is important to me to reach out, because I want everyone to feel beautiful.

After I finish a client's makeup I always ask for pictures. Yes I can take pictures with my rinky-deenk little camera, but it just doesn't compare to professional photos that are normally taken at special events or photo shoots. Having great shots of a client is like gold to me! It helps me be able to market myself that much more. Makeup is my only source of income and I work extremely hard to make a living. When I first started out I thought "People are going to be throwing pictures of my work at me!" Everyone wants to be a little famous right? Even if it's just on my website lol! I just never thought in a million years that it would be like pulling teeth to get a few photos.

The last four (yes four!) clients I have worked with have yet to send me pictures. Even when I write it down it stings. I just feel really hurt by it honestly. Now I'm not irrational, these people don't owe me anything. They paid me and as far anyone is concerned that's all they needed to do. It's just you become friendly with them, develop a connection, and as you're leaving they promise you that they will send you pictures as soon as they get them! Then a week goes by, you email them to follow up, no response. Another week goes by, you send another message, same thing. Finally you call, no answer, you leave a voicemail, you never hear back. It almost feels like betrayal.

The sad part is I know they are just busy. Life is crazy and it never slows down, sending pictures to your makeup artist falls on the back burner. I guess I was raised that you always follow through on your promises. That lesson is so important especially in business! I know these people aren't ignoring me out of spite or mean spirit-ness, they just have more important things happening. It just stinks that this could affect my business and income. Four people means potentially twelve new pictures for my portfolio. Those pictures could be seen by other potential clients and in turn garner me more business. I just wish it didn't work like that sometimes.

I don't mean to whine, my problems are so small compared to other people's hardships. I just wanted to share this story with you just in case you are ever in a position where you need to send someone something for their business. It does make a difference and they will be grateful.

Always keep your word!
Sweet dreams my lovelies,

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Want an easy and cheap way to get super shiny soft hair?


Yes my lovelies,
Olive oil is a great, easy way to make your hair super shiny and soft! There are so many wonderful benefits in olive oil, one of them is it's moisturizing qualities. Used on hair, olive oil can condition, nourish, and improve the strength of your hair. I like to do an olive oil treatment about once a week. Here is my little treatment recipe!

What you will need:

~1/2 cup Extra virgin olive oil in a microwave safe cup or bowl

~ Small Comb

~ Shower cap

~ Clarify Shampoo

What you do:

~ Heat the EVOO for 1 minute in the microwave. (*Do not touch!!! It will be extremely hot!!)

~ Part your hair right down the middle into two large sections. (Make sure your hair is brushed and has no tangles.)

~ Dip your comb into the EVOO and then start to comb through your hair.

~ Once your hair is thoroughly saturated, twist hair up and put it in a shower cap.

~ Leave EVOO on for 15-20 minutes (Do a facial mask while you wait!)

~ After 15-20 minutes, step into a very hot shower (with the cap still on) and steam your hair for 5 minutes.

~ After 5 minutes, wash your hair (thoroughly!!) with the clarifying shampoo. If you hair still feels greasy, repeat!

And you're done! Now you have super healthy, gorgeous hair!
Here are some pics of my EVOO Treatment I did earlier tonight. :)

Not my most glamorous moment hee-hee...

And here is my beautiful hair! Look how shiny!

I hoped you found my little trick helpful and informative. Please let me know how it works for you!

Xoxo my gorgeous ones!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Trends to try!

Hey my gorgeous readers!

Sorry it has been a while since my last post. This past week was crazy for me. Sometimes I become so completely focused on one thing that I forget about everything else. But enough about my silly little life haha!

Well it’s summer and everyone is itching for something fresh and exciting. This is a great time to be adventurous with your makeup! There are so many different looks and products to experiment with! It can really boggle your mind sometimes. I remember searching for what seemed like years to find something new to try and that wasn’t too difficult (You don’t want to be in front of the mirror all the time…or do you?). Here are a few of my favorite current trends and HALLELUJAH! They aren’t very difficult to master!

Winged Eye Liner: Eyeliner is probably my favorite makeup product. More than any other, it has the power to transform your appearance and make your eyes more vibrant. I love the seductive look achieved with a heavy winged eye. Made famous in the 1950’s by glamorous starlets like Marilyn Monroe, it has transcended times and passing fads and still remains popular to this day. Your eyes will appear brighter, defined, and more cat-like. You can try this look with any color of eyeliner! Blue, purple, green, or silver! The possibilities are endless!

Matching Neutral Pink Cheeks & Lips: One of my all-time favorite saying speaks about how makeup shouldn’t completely change you, it should enhance what is already there. A healthy, glowing complexion is universally flattering and pretty neutral pink cheek colors with flecks of gold help give your skin a fresh, luminous appearance. The same for lips is equally appealing! While dark colors make your lips appear smaller, lighter colors will make your lips look fuller and supple. Using neutral pink tones will help give an effortlessly chic, natural look.

Silver Smokey Eyes: This cool, sexy look will be perfect for those hot, sexy summer nights! The smoky eye technique enhances your eye color and is a fun way to play up your day-to-day makeup routine. You can use any color for smoky eyes, it’s really up to you. I chose silver because I love the break from the traditional bronze colors used in summer that reflect the warm sun. Why not change to reflect the cool moon on those summer nights? Silver also brightens up your eyes and makes you look very glamorous without weighing them down.

Hot Pink Lips: Growing up most little girls played with a Barbie doll or two (or fifty…not pointing any fingers lol!) What girl didn’t want those beautiful hot pink lips? Now that us girls are all grown up, we can still keep a little of that Barbie girl in all of us! Hot pink is one of those colors that just plain looks good on everyone! It instantly makes your lips feel luscious and can make your teeth look whiter (buh bye whitening strips!)! You can wear it matte or with gloss to give it a super sexy sheen. It will wake your complexion up and make you feel super fabulous!

Airbrush Makeup: This is the most costly of the trends I will be mentioning just because if you want to do it yourself, you’ll have to buy your own compressor and foundation shades. I love airbrush makeup! Professionally I use the Dinair Airbrush System and it’s great. I have never seen coverage like what I’ve seen with airbrush makeup. It does the job of concealer, foundation, and powder all in one. On it’s own the foundation gives a very matte finish, but with Dinair you can incorporate different moisture products to give a more dewy finish. If you want to try it for yourself without buying the whole airbrush system, find a makeup artist in your area that offers airbrush makeup and set up an appointment. You will be able to see how it looks and then decide if you want to purchase your own kit. The one thing I will say is it is not like typical foundation. It can feel a little cakey if you get to much product in one place, so you have to very careful of how close and how much you are spraying. On the other hand, airbrush makeup will stay on until you take it off (seriously I’ll work out in it for an hour and sweat and still look fresh afterwards)! The other plus is that it removes very easily and quickly. I definitely think everyone should try airbrush makeup at least once just to experience it. You may find yourself re-inventing your whole makeup routine!

Try out one of these look for yourself! You may be pleasantly surprised and have a few tricks up your sleeve to look extra fab!

Here are my preferred products to use in conjunction with these trends. I have provided the shade colors and where you can get them!

Have a great week gorgeous ones! Smile, smile, smile and be positive!

Xoxo, Lacey

Eyeliner: Makeup Forever Aqua Liner (any color)

Neutral Pink Cheek color and lips: NARS blush and lip gloss in Orgasm

Smokey Silver Eyes: NYX Trio Eye shadow in TS20

Hot Pink Lips: NYX Round Lipstick in Hot Pink

Airbrush Makeup: Dinair Airbrush System

Saturday, June 18, 2011

New blog coming soon!

Hey Lovelies!

Sorry it's been a while since I posted a blog. I've been running around crazy this week with clients. I promise one is on it's way soon!

Remember stay fabulous!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Everyday Makeup Routine

Hey Gorgeous ones!!

I hope your day is off to fabulous start! I have just had my coffee and now that I am a human being again, let's chat! I thought today I would give you my everyday makeup routine.

The 3 most asked questions I hear while working on my clients are:
(A) What is your makeup routine?
(B) What products do you use?
(C) How long does it take you to get ready?

I'll start with (C). I am ashamed to admit it takes me an ungodly amount of time to get ready. Many moons ago when I was in the pageant circuit a gentleman told me that if a girl couldn't do her makeup in 5 minutes, she was a hag. YIKES! I wouldn't describe myself as a hag...maybe just obsessed with having the perfect face (Ha! Yeah right!). Normally on a day-to-day basis it takes me about 45 minutes to get completely ready. That's about 30 minutes of makeup and then 15 minutes for everything else (you can see where my priorities lie...). This is a bit excessive for everyday honestly. If you can do your makeup in 5 minutes (and look good), that's awesome and more power to you! I just don't see that happening for me. :P

Okay moving along to (B) my favorite products. I don't think it's a surprise that I LOVE makeup!! I could spend all day, everyday in Sephora and never get bored! That what makes it so hard to pick my favorite products. Professionally I use Makeup Forever & Dinair Airbrush system which I love, but I am not a person who can stick with the same thing for 10 years. I like variety!

Personally I use the following right now:

- Makeup Forever
- Nars
- Too Faced
- Stila (Mascara & Eyeshadow)
- Urban Decay
- Rimmel
- Wet N Wild
- E.L.F. Cosmetics

There you have it! Now can you see why it takes me so long to get ready? Also as far as brushes go, I have all Sephora brushes. I also use Evian facial spray to set my makeup. It helps eliminate that cakey, dry look.

Okay here is my everyday makeup routine. I'll note all the products I use.

- To begin cleanse your face twice with warm water (Roc daily resurfacing disks), moisturize (Roc daily moisturizer SPF 30), and then let your skin absorb the product for a minute.

- Apply your primer (Too Faced primed and poreless bronze tint primer) all over your face evenly.

- Apply your foundation (MAC pro longwear in NC15) with your fingers, brush, or sponge (I use my fingers) all over your face. Make sure to blend well along your jawline!

- Apply concealer (MAC studio finish concealer in NW15) to all imperfections and under the eyes with your fingers, brush, or sponge (I go between fingers and a sponge).

- Lightly spray your face with the Evian facial spray to set your foundation. Let your face dry before continuing.


- With a large eyeshadow brush, apply a neutral mid-tone shade (The pink color from Wet N Wild coloricon trio in 380B or Walking on Eggshells) all over your eyelid.

- With a small eyeshadow brush, apply a light white or cream colored shadow (The vanilla shade from the Wet N Wild trio) to your brow-bone and the inner corner of your eye.

- With a medium fluff brush apply a dark brown/bronze color (The brown color from the Wet N Wild trio) into the natural crease of your eye in a back-and-forth motion. You want to go for a well blended look, like the colors just natural marry together.

- Wet an eyeliner brush and wipe off excess moisture, leaving the brush slightly damp. Load your brush with a black eyeshadow (any will really work, no preference) and then wipe off the excess from sides on paper towel.

- With your loaded eyeliner brush, apply a thin line to your upper lash line. You want to get as close to your natural lash line as possible. You don't want it to look like you have a ton of eyeliner on. Just enough to enhance your eyes and lashes.

- Clean off the eyeliner brush, re-wet, and wipe off the excess water. Load your brush with a brown color (the darkest color from the Wet N Wild trio will work.) Apply a thin line onto your lower lash line, right against the natural lash line.

- Curl your lashes and apply two coats of black mascara (Stila Glamoureyes Mascara).

I like to apply my cheek color after I do my eye makeup. That way if there is any fall out you can brush it away with ruining your cheek color.

- Apply a warm pink cheek color (NARS Blush in Orgasm) to your cheek bones with a medium powder brush. If your not like me and do not have super rosy cheeks you can apply to the apple of your cheek.

- With a large powder brush apply a bronzer (the bronzer from e.l.f. 's contouring blush and bronzer powder set) all over your face. Make sure it is a light dusting so you don't look like a reject from the Jersey Shore lol!

Lips (MUAH!):

- Apply a neutral lip liner (Rimmel is excellent, I don't have the shade though) along the natural curves of your lip, then smudge a little so the line isn't so harsh.

- Apply a warm pink gloss (NARS Lipgloss in Orgasm) over your lined lips. Blot any excess off with a tissue.

Finishing Touches:

- With your large powder brush, apply a little powder (MAC Studio Careblend pressed powder in Medium) to your T-Zone if your skin tends to be oily.

- Spritz your pretty face with a little more Evian facial spray to set everything!

And your are done superstar! I am including pictures of everything I used so if you decide you want to recreate this look yourself, you know what everything looks like!

Stay Fabulous Gorgeous ones!
:) xoxo Lacey

Eyeshadow Trio

Facial Spray

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Beauty Icons

Hi Everyone,

Thanks for reading the very first post of my new blog! I hope you enjoy it and that I'm not too all over the place... :)

So what is Beauty Icon? What does that mean? Well an icon is something or someone who represents something. So a beauty icon is someone who represents beauty in it's truest form. Everyone views beauty differently. What one person may consider beautiful may not be what the person next to them considers beautiful. It's completely subjective in my opinion.

"Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and it may be necessary from time to time to give a stupid or misinformed beholder a black eye." - Miss Piggy

To me, a beauty icon is someone who is the epitome of glamour, beauty, and brains.

Here is a little (HA!) list of my Beauty Icons.

Catherine Zeta Jones
She is my absolute, my everything!
I have worshipped her since I was 14 years old and still make all my beauty decisions by asking WWCZJD?
(Figure it out!)

Elizabeth Taylor
This is a Beauty Icon at it's best. She overcame so much and refused to be anything but herself. She did it all on her own terms (even being late to her own funeral) and she did it with style! Her lady balls must have been huge! One of the last true movie stars.

Tina Fey
It's pretty obvious right? The girl has it all!
Brains, beauty, talent coming out of her ass, and she has one the best TV shows on today!
Her book "Bossypants" is a revelation. Even some psycho slashing her in the face when she was little couldn't stop her from pushing the envelope and being an unexpected sex symbol!

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge
(A.K.A. Kate Middleton)
A list about beauty icons cannot be complete without this new member of the royal family.
For nearly a decade the Brits (and some forward thinking Americans) have watched this budding style maven for trends on being effortlessly chic. She stunned us at her April wedding this year in the most iconic dress since her late mother-in-law's in 1981(and she did her own makeup! Go girl!). She has done this all with style, poise, and sensibility (she often wears off-the-rack pieces and dress that are several seasons old! OH the horror!). She is truly the new people's princess!

Katy Perry
Sunshine, lollipops, and sexual innuendos describe my next icon. Since bursting onto the music scene in '08, Katy Perry has redefined what beauty truly is. Gone were the days of the scantily clad, size zero, baby prostitute blondes. Here came a breath of fresh air in the brunette, kitschy, busty lady with her bubblegum pop songs that infected you like herpes! I'm actually going to see her in concert next month YAY!

I don't think anyone can call Cher a classic beauty. She isn't! That's what I love about her. Yes she may have had so much plastic surgery that her belly button is on her forehead. Yes she may wear the fashions of demented flamenco dancer/hula girl/drag queen (holla!). Yes she may spend her days being rubbed down with moroccan oil by well hung puerto rican boys working their way through the school of dance. And you know what? She doesn't give a damn! Go on girl, werk!

Emma Stone
How can you not love this face! Thank God or whoever you pray to that among the mileys, lindsays, and those other drunk sluts I don't care about that there is a girl like Emma Stone. This is who girls should aspire to be! She's a real girl. She doesn't have the Chinese symbol for dumpster tattooed on her lower back, she doesn't walk around looking like a reject from The Beverly Hillbillies , and she's a comedic genius! Mama's pray that your babies grow up to be Emma Stone.

Rosie Pope
Reality TV is such a craze these days that I felt I should include one reality starlet. Rosie Pope is dancer/model turned maternity designer and concierge turned Bravo Star. Her show "Pregnant in Heels" just finished it's first (of many hopefully) season. I love Rosie Pope because she is a real woman. She doesn't wear a ton of makeup or have a fancy hair style. She is simply herself, only enhanced. Like another Brit on this list (Kate), she is effortlessly chic and takes subtle fashion risks that just endear her to me more! Real beauty comes from the inside and exudes out. Look at her glowing face! Just lovely.

And finally, the one who started it all for me...

Miss Piggy
What words do I have to describe this incredible, stunning, fabulous creature? They would most assuredly fail to make you see what an Icon she is! So I will let her do the talking with my favorite Miss Piggy Beauty tips!

"For the glamorous look, choose plain-looking dining companions."

"Stand as far away as you can from your mirror and look at yourself through the wrong end of a pair of opera glasses. Do you stand out?"

"Having a dull hairstyle is like putting an olive on top of a chocolate sundae. It makes your whole appearance unappetizing."

"Beauty isn't being able to shop in fancy stores where you have to empty your wallet to buy something in a bottle the size of a gumdrop."

And finally...
"Never purchase beauty products in a hardware store."

Well that's my list haha! It's definitely not typical, but it definitely explains my beauty style!
Who are some of your beauty icons?

Remember to stay fabulous gorgeous ones!
xxxoooxxxooo, Lacey!