Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Hello again!

Dear World of Beauty,

Hi! It's Lacey! Remember me?! I'm just writing to let you know I will be apart of you again at long last!!!

After taking time off to build a career, travel the world and get engaged to the love of my life, I have decided to start making videos and posting blogs again!

It may be awhile before I can get a tutorial up, but I promise it's coming soon!

Stay tuned!


Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Hey there lovely ladies,

Wow. It has been a looooong time since I blogged. I have been so friggin' busy it makes my head spin to think about it. My business has been steadily picking up since you heard from me last and I couldn't be happier. Ever since I returned from New York I have been doing my best to implement the rules, advice, and tips I received there and thankfully it has lead to an incline in jobs and...ahem...dollars in my bank account! I haven't had time to blog or make new makeup tutorials in so long and while on hand it makes me happy that I have more business, I also do miss it and find myself thinking about new videos I want to make or blog posts I want to write. I am doing my best to balance everything, but I can't promise that blogging or vlogging will be a regular thing for me as much as it was.

To give a quick update, I am working with a wonderful photographer in Austin who has given me so much on-the-job knowledge. I also continue to work with brides and their parties on a regular basis. My hope is that in the coming year I will be able to rent a little studio to work from so I can maybe cut down on driving time. My mother has also started working with me as my assistant and I couldn't be happier. She handles the business side more so I can concentrate on the creative part of my job. I also have come to find that people really enjoy our Mother/Daughter dynamic and it makes for fun times and helps clients relax and have fun!

So anyways that's all for now. Just wanted to keep in touch with the blogging world. I have to be up early in the morning for a doctor's appointment, so I will bid thee adieu.

Lots of Love,